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15-Point Air Conditioning Check Up

A well maintained air conditioner will lower your power bill and extend the life and efficiency of your unit.

The Check Up Includes:

  1. Check thermostat
    A properly calibrated thermostat affects comfort and saves money on your power bill.
  2. Check return air filter
    Restricted filter causes unit to waste energy and shorten compressor life.
  3. Check condensate drain
    A plugged condensate drain can cause expensive water damage.
  4. Check condensate pan and fittings for leaks
    A cracked pan or loose fittings for leaks fittings can cause expensive water damage.
  5. Check blower wheel
    Dirty blowers reduce air flow; increases electric bill and cause compressor failure.
  6. Check blower motor amp
    Ensures optimum draw performance; protects equipment.
  7. Lube motors & bearings Improperly lubricated rotating equipment will eventually fail.
  8. Examine all electrical  connections
    Extends life of system; connections ensures safety.
  9. Check condenser fan motor amp draw
    Ensures optimum performance; protects equipment.
  10. Check condenser fan blades for vibration
    Prevents damage to unit and costly service calls.
  11. Check reversing valve
    Improperly operating valve wastes energy.
  12. Check relays & contactors
    Worn contactors and loose connections can lead to motor failure.
  13. Check capacitors
    Bad capacitors lead to compressor and motor failure.
  14. Check all safety devices
    Keeps unit in safe operating condition.
  15. Measure operating pressures with gauges
    Improper refrigerant charge can cause compressor shut down.

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